Tuesday, August 18, 2009


there's a shadow on us
all our celebrity drivel dancing
celebrated global trolley dashing
our cellophane frippery
and nylon honesty
our dizzy waltz through paradisical malls
somehow palls

when the shadow catches up
to see our jollity
the frozen smiles of fear
on news screens
our amused nonchalence
and indifference to the souls that writhed
to keep our shelves stocked
will catch us

when we're placed on the scales
no longer riding the top of the wheel
who will defend us
who will weep for us?
when we had it all
and forgot compassion
in the blur of fashion
who will cover us
but our shadow?

a cold hand rests on our shoulder
turning our hilarity stale
our heaped rewards now look sinister
when we catch a glimpse of the hungry eyes
waiting for us to fall


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