Saturday, October 20, 2007


she was made of glass.

she was so beautifully made
an ornament to the world
that made you tremble
as she passed
but he didn't dare
scare or shake her,
way too fragile to ever make her cry

his trepid steps grew featherlike
his tread a whispered sigh
as he danced round her
with mutely muffled glee to see her
shining sheen of ether,
stooping to inhale her,
heat quenched for fear to break her
for she was made of glass.

so never daring to tease her
for fear he'd make her siezure
he couldn't tug her hair
or ruffle her nor squeeze her
he didn't dare
to make her shoulders shudder
for fear the tears might crack those eyes
that shone so dark mysterious
splintering her clear and crystal heart
for she was made of glass