Monday, May 07, 2007

random word list functions

redundant clichees vie and pound the ground with their vapid sounds and if i had a pound for everytime i heard myself say 'if i had a pound for every time i heard myself say' i'd have a pound. if i was found in an unplanned land and landed on profoundly i'd shout for the sound of my last breath which was lost and wandering bereft throughout the length and breadth, my last stand, standing there astounded with my heart in my hand, unaware again of the gains and losses in the pain, regarding the trelliswork armour and deep tracery of scars and hardened weals from the urge to dare to feel, to dare to reveal and be alive, vulnerable foolish and open, it stings but i'd rather live than sleep. casual is ok but i'm already highly vexed what else do i need it for than some sort of perspex filter to armour myself with, already perplexed to see the scar tissue circling the heart, hardening and benumbing when all i want is to really feel, to deserve to be alive, to thrive and strive and take the flak with never a backwards look, never regretfully glancing back, but to take the knocks with pride for daring to share and care in a world that tells us we're not important and we're not there, and it's hardly clever to be clever in a world where nothing is really cool, where cool is really crap. i own the ground under my feet, the sky above my head and that's all i need to take my place. i'm beyond disgrace. whoever said my stance made sense, or that it needed to be understood, you'll find my thoughts buried deep deep down deep in the woods. look in the cherry blossom tree and you'll see me smiling eventually in the pattern in the fallen leaves. i refuse to be what you see.


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