Friday, March 30, 2007


angry? of course i'm angry
was i ever asked?
did anyone invite me
to this stupid endless party?
was i included in consensus
when i first woke into this senseless joke and found i joined humanity
while i shook the amniotic bile from my attempted smile
that turned into a roar, as the rawness burned me
of that first electric dawn, on the scales forlorn alone
stranded from velvet luxury that was all i'd ever known
and was i asked to join the class?
that squashed me right down to the last, that two-way stretch that ate my childhood
life sentenced and disowned from happy home
they told me and they told me off, but was i asked?
i tried i tried to make some sense inside when outside all was chaos and immense
cruel humour made my armour harden
till my eyes forgot the garden
and the money tower they all looked up to like a father's monstrous hard on
it's a hard one, but was i asked?
now all i feel is sharp disgust
to share the wiring with this host
that gloats to boast of it's excesses
impressed by it's capacity to distress
the cowering self with it's own shocking nastynesses
that's proud to burn out it's insides
takes pride to flaunt it's ugly side
to make the world express it's sickness
feel the girth of it's mindless thickness
till they have made a stupid world
as spoilt as they are, spoiled it rotten
the stupid trees that wave so mindless in the stale and stupid breeze
oh look the green and rustic dream of old country
repetetive and dull, the fields a giant null
stupid insect killing grounds the only unchecked thrill
and distant tides of motor rides the only sound
where all the leaves are grey exhausted ill
yes welcome to the stupid earth
smell the human smokestacks as they choke our tracts
smell the shells of unprovoked attacks
the groans of tortured men on racks
those shivers on them, heads in sacks
knees on cuts, welted backs
the smell of blood upon the dirt
the snarl of joy in industrial hurt
the smell of blood up peoples arms
drilling childrens eyes, slowly with cold leisure
taking revenge in righteous pleasure
smells that invade you and pervade you in parades infected thoughts
and was i ever asked?
to join this cavalcade of farce? though the joke is rather sour
when they're drunk to gulp and glug the anger and the power
the shock of hatred such a drug that shrivels every flower
the sensual shiver of horror to become the thug you fear
your burning soul burns out your tears
is this the best that we can strive for
is this what we survive and die for?
these humans ugly angry pests
swarming their polluted nests
wired to self destruct and self digest
or take us all down whilst they're trying
and watch it all burn as they're dying
for dying's the best thing that they do
in ever more novel cultured, intricate polluted ways
they delight to fight and praise themselves
to find beastly ways to end their days
push button beasts that beg for whims
that squirm for treats, that thirst and eat
perform for their chunk of meat?
was i asked to be included?
in this con i'm so deluded?
wired up for aspiration, wired down for mad frustration
mired with bloodied stains of your vain gains
include me out, so sick of your game
so sick to bear the name of human
if that means i share the means to become just like one of you men
sick humanity, stoned on vanity
escape me from this body of shame
before this timebomb brain goes off
and burns me so i share the same
the same nature, if you call it nature
and if you call it nature then the world's sick too
let me out before i end up just like one of you