Wednesday, August 02, 2006

lose yourself

who invited you to the party?
were you ever asked if you wanted to be here
standing with your empty beer
full of empty cheers
gazing at the masses waving glasses
with nervous grins and groping passes
streaming classes of backstage passes versus punter arses
on chairs getting theirs, what they came for
and you're no more than just a frame for their airs and graces as they get off faces
out of it and lose themselves. escape themselves like escape artists on crusades
of escapades, evacuees from their own disgraces
forgotten and off their tits forgetting their sad places
twitching yawning itching with chemical knobs on
what's the potion of the moment, watch your poison
ride you from inside, you become the freak
unique to each bleak alchemical streak
cokehead smackhead crackhead speedfreak
we know them well, and watch our friends become them
ridden by the new you, acne is the new acme
aches and pains your dismal gains
as each dawn brings you back to home with groans
for fleeting feelings you have known
the glass shows your past, how you're past caring
merely yearning for the first collagen hit
that reinflates that scribbled page of past excesses
where unaware you bear your cares before you
your cure for ills is only pills away
so you wait till evening, and count away the day.