Monday, June 05, 2006

love vs lust

lust so greedy, needy, tasty, testing
sometimes selfish, sometimes giving
a burning light it's hungry stare
it's lurid glare can fill the air
unforgiving if you're not willing
to give in to it's thrilling ride
not to surf it's glossy sides
but stand and fight the tide
you'll stand dejected and rejected
alone and swept aside
stop fighting it's inviting
you to join it's manic funfair ride
like a moonward nutter stuttering
you mutter unheard litanies
cluttering your insides with fluttering wings
sliding down the edges of a hole of passion
like common sense has left the fashion
whispered hoarse invective
like a whinneying foal on hot coal
it tears you up and makes you whole
it burns you out and makes you heal
it turns you inside out reveals the real
and every nerve end screams to feel
delicious devouring slutty feeling
looking down from on the cieling
lust we bathe in it's aromas
sweet and dreamy deep in soma
in darkness dancing fingers carve the hills
like mad cartographers on happy pills
inner pornographers fill the map's gaps
the thread pulled taught enough to snap

but fires can leave you a hollow shell
the curse of ever lonely hell
returns to snuff the candle and reverse
us into isolation and remorse
your heart is torn and badly patched
you're lying in a sticky patch,
a stranger in your arms you think
you need a piss, you need a drink
lying staring mourning, at the unseen darkened cieling
as the first grey stabs of gristly morning uninvited steal in

but what if love could be like lust
not fluffy cuddley story stuff, but deep and strong as trust
maybe there's a love that's tough and bracing
that wakes the soul and sets hearts racing
that's rude and proud and knows no fears
that's wild and loud and sheds hot tears
love can terrify, when it threatens it's removal
or paralyze and stultify by lover's dissaproval
but maybe it could really be all the things we pray for
lust and love cojoined like twins, no guilt for us to pay for.


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