Monday, June 05, 2006


had it up to here with fears
ridden and riddled by troubles
wavering and too much paving gazing
to chase the baubles and the cheers
stood in the puddle of a bursted bubble
bearing my foibles, hobbled and knobbled
i need to strive to push aside the crowds in waves
to stride out of the deep, craving
to wade into the sunlight out of sleep
not shrink blinking from the current thinking
but forge against the common tide
against the current, thrive and walk with pride
but for now i got deep shit
i'm walking round inside the pit
my spirit shrinking as i fast
on the treadmill everlasting
the listed chores are long and boring,
always listing, sway me from the way
again i don't acheive what i believe in at the end of play
dreams postponed to keep the home and keep those streets at bay
life's expensive business... we're just here to pay


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