Thursday, June 29, 2006


I am the spitoon that is spat at
And spat out, spitting fire, I`m shat out
And shout out, splitting the sky with infant bile
Carving an arc across this dumb grey dome
Our cave, our cage, our home
Beneath whose bleak forbidding glowering eye,
We cast our lies
Our griefs, our needs, our compromise,
Carve vastly impious vainglorious lives
Imperious, imperial, vile
Or hunched beneath the skies dark carcass
Our carapace, our canvas, our catacomb, our mausoleum
We spit fire and smoke upon the jeweled cloak, spill petroleum
Choking around us, the hell we provoke and promote
Terminal antfarm, building sky-scraping nests to the stars so remote
While eating our world, pests of endless appetite
One day our world will be but a wound
Scarred and dead as mars
Infancy holds it, spitting ancestral rage
Tiny fists, it`s marching infantry
This is our hard-wired legacy of idiocy
But only idiots can really see,
And we ignore idiots, don`t we?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

glass sealing

all the feasts of loving bliss
are just dust on the tongue
just a mime, a fake drunk kiss
the sunset doesn't show the sun
oh errant soul you take the piss
so dreary is the sweetest song
that warm inner glow a cheap light show
the telescope is pointed wrong
my heart won't start to hit the throttle
i climbed in with the message
now i'm sealed up in the bottle

Friday, June 09, 2006

insect collector

your paisley iridescence didn't fill her eyes with wonder
the shining tearful colours didn't rend her heart asunder
the arabesque of limbs and carapace did not inspire
nor did your fleet fluttering shake her heart with thunder
your dance across her lawn was futile and forlorn
now you lie here skewered in her book
pinioned by her collectors hooks
and once you're ticked off and purveyed
you lie there with your beauty on display
breathing your last sighs regretting
that you ate up all those lies forgetting
to beware the punter, the consumer
they'll consume you an experience
happy that it looks so good to the imagined unseen audience
your limbs glued down your arms out splayed
the taker cannot taste your honey
and sees your words as so much money
your gold's invisible
to those that hold it
your soul is squandered once you've sold it.

Monday, June 05, 2006

love vs lust

lust so greedy, needy, tasty, testing
sometimes selfish, sometimes giving
a burning light it's hungry stare
it's lurid glare can fill the air
unforgiving if you're not willing
to give in to it's thrilling ride
not to surf it's glossy sides
but stand and fight the tide
you'll stand dejected and rejected
alone and swept aside
stop fighting it's inviting
you to join it's manic funfair ride
like a moonward nutter stuttering
you mutter unheard litanies
cluttering your insides with fluttering wings
sliding down the edges of a hole of passion
like common sense has left the fashion
whispered hoarse invective
like a whinneying foal on hot coal
it tears you up and makes you whole
it burns you out and makes you heal
it turns you inside out reveals the real
and every nerve end screams to feel
delicious devouring slutty feeling
looking down from on the cieling
lust we bathe in it's aromas
sweet and dreamy deep in soma
in darkness dancing fingers carve the hills
like mad cartographers on happy pills
inner pornographers fill the map's gaps
the thread pulled taught enough to snap

but fires can leave you a hollow shell
the curse of ever lonely hell
returns to snuff the candle and reverse
us into isolation and remorse
your heart is torn and badly patched
you're lying in a sticky patch,
a stranger in your arms you think
you need a piss, you need a drink
lying staring mourning, at the unseen darkened cieling
as the first grey stabs of gristly morning uninvited steal in

but what if love could be like lust
not fluffy cuddley story stuff, but deep and strong as trust
maybe there's a love that's tough and bracing
that wakes the soul and sets hearts racing
that's rude and proud and knows no fears
that's wild and loud and sheds hot tears
love can terrify, when it threatens it's removal
or paralyze and stultify by lover's dissaproval
but maybe it could really be all the things we pray for
lust and love cojoined like twins, no guilt for us to pay for.


had it up to here with fears
ridden and riddled by troubles
wavering and too much paving gazing
to chase the baubles and the cheers
stood in the puddle of a bursted bubble
bearing my foibles, hobbled and knobbled
i need to strive to push aside the crowds in waves
to stride out of the deep, craving
to wade into the sunlight out of sleep
not shrink blinking from the current thinking
but forge against the common tide
against the current, thrive and walk with pride
but for now i got deep shit
i'm walking round inside the pit
my spirit shrinking as i fast
on the treadmill everlasting
the listed chores are long and boring,
always listing, sway me from the way
again i don't acheive what i believe in at the end of play
dreams postponed to keep the home and keep those streets at bay
life's expensive business... we're just here to pay