Wednesday, May 17, 2006


when spring is singing in the air
and breezes freshly wash the streets
don't overlook as commonplace
the marvels at your feet
walked on overlooked ignored and downtrodden
their short elusive brilliance stood on and forgotten
in the fagbutts and the ringpulls, the restless dross and scum
nestle tiny buds whose brave blues shine and hum
tiny marching armies, galaxies of stars
strew the roadside corners blown by tides of cars
invisible to striding feet that rush past unaware
unknown to those who never slow, to those who never care
their gesture sad, so futile as they garnish grimy ways
and all their beauty once unfurled instantly decays
then gone they never caused a stir
or stirred our hardened hearts
but they don't care for they were there
to frame the dirt with art.
you could write us epic songs
that squeezed our hearts for hours
but never yet completely get
the beauty of those flowers

Thursday, May 11, 2006

is that it?

is that it?
i'm just a sex machine
just push my button
and make me dream
is that all there is?
all of our biz
just a means to an end to get our ends away
just triggered biological responses, just so much jizz
is that all we are?
sex machines and mindless f*ckers
some talk of love
like a gift from above
but its just push and shove
just to get it on
its so shit
if thats it