Friday, April 28, 2006


my soul's so empty
so hungry, needs feeding
feed me with words
till my ears start bleeding

turn your lips into leaves
hissing seas in swaying trees
whispering the winds' sins
secret airs sung in the breeze

change your tongue to a swan
that sings it's last song
mouth mute suffering
your sweet breath fluttering
the leaves of a wordless book
gush forth and babble
an unchecked brook
fill every nook of my dry parched head
drown me in words, i starve to be fed

Sunday, April 23, 2006


your children's eyes sparkle to be told pretty lies
the best girl in the world with the prettiest curls
and it's only too easy to smooth off your lines
as we play sleeping lions, and lie side by side

like gifts, lies are better to give than to recieve
lies are the currency of our world and beliefs
but you find as you drag them around like a snail
you're burdened and stressed when you dress in tall tales

adverts sell envy, make us jealous and greedy
bred on deceit, we're so empty and needy
the streets that we walk down are facades and props
as we act out the lifestyles we bought in the shops

it's a tangled world hacking through sharp thorns and briars
when spin spins our heads selling shit dressed as feasts
for our sake our governments set countries on fire
sold as peacekeeping as they turn men to beasts

so no matter how pretty i never need lies
no knife in my back when i lie by your side
allies are few but as precious as gold
for a world full of lies is dark lonely and cold