Monday, January 30, 2006

flat earth

inverse copernicus, columbus in reverse
tracing the contours of a flattened universe
ignorant to the flattery of sales-patter banter, idiot battering
whilst mountains threaten to shatter and shit on and flatten.
all forms are shorn in a digital dawn folorn
worn down to a flat little screen of 2D
where all peaks and troughs are shaven off, equalled
shriven and wizened, all lust of life reduced to dry dust
unempowered by dead batteries' dry acidic crust
our idiot eye has us outmanouevered
as our dried essence is sucked out and hoovered
empty we gaze deluded of our elusive quintessence
reborn dumbed-down without a scream
being told to live out all our dreams
but electric dreams are private hells
where there's no taste and there's no smell