Thursday, November 17, 2005

it's all downhill from here...

put my back up
back in my safe warm cage
where i can bat around
these four squares in a rage
cause i was out on a limb, on the piss and on the lam
a human fizzing babysham
but now lookwhere i am
escaped the finery of my empty golden room
into trumpton with my trumped up frumpy dames of doom
into the silver shiny streets
tasting the sweaty tang of piss and sweets of sweat
the vapour trails garnish the streets that make us wet
but not in ways you'd want to get
it's never quite like on the telly
after all it's rather smelly
and the cold
makes your bones so rusty old
you might aspire to transpire the frosty haze
but get repaid by bronchial flu for days and days
so hiding from cold i'm in this box
that's sealed to wield the mace of smouldering socks
and last night's icky stew
it's like a glue that sucks me in
no dirty stop out i'm stuck in
alone and pissed
it's come to this
round the hamster wheel
in turgid bliss
round and round without a care
the threadbare tiger paced his lair
lonelyness his only fear
but you're never alone when you've got beer


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