Thursday, September 08, 2005


words can intoxicate and obfusciate and tittilate and innebriate
words can muscle in and fuss and tussle with your gristle and muss up your bustle
they can sprinkle tinkles that tingle like spangles on your winkle
or stick toots to your boots and send you cahoots
they can impress or depress or simply digress
they can hide quite alot or contain nothingness
words form a web of half truths round the worlda net that enshrouds every object we see
words can't ignore us we're walking thesauruses words can explore us or leave us to shame
they can be demeaning unseeming or dreaming there's millions of meanings locked in a name.
but there's one set of words that's as straight as a cough
so don't misconstrue me when i tell you to 'f*ck off'


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