Thursday, September 08, 2005


wow I just have to tell you about this.. it's amazing! the only thing is that it only works if you actually try it, it sounds silly but if you only give it a go you'll be amazed! i have this strange guru friend, now i'm usually the most cynical of people about all things 'new age' and holistic, i think there's a lot of lazy thinking and half-baked ideas hiding behind it, that once you start looking into new age literature for answers you find you start absorbing a whole cosmology of assumptions that you have little reason to believe in, before you know it you'll be mixing up cocktails of belief systems like a saucier chef, of course not including their least palatable aspects, ooh a bit of buddhism here, a smattering of hindu philosophy there, garnished with a bit of crowleyism and drizzled generously with arthurian fantasy.. you'll be booking in to get healing foot massages and electro crystal therapy.. it's all so easy when all the answers are in books, like why read the koran or the tora with all that uncool rules bullshit when you can have a loving healing spirit for a god who wants to give everyone a hug... when all the complicated stuff can be answered by simplistic one liners from consumer gurus, like we must 'be before we become' and we can just go wow, that's so deep. after all who wants all that dark stuff that lurks in the corners and untended recesses, those unpleasant truths that pop up when we think it's all going so swimmingly, those crushing gulfs of despair upon gazing into the inhumanly endless unforgivingly empty abyss... the ant like feeling we get when we realise how swamped we are by the vastness... you know what i mean? oh god maybe it's just me who does that... please say i'm not alone in this! anyway! getting completely sidetracked here like roonnie corbett on coke which he probably already is.. erm anyway as i was saying, i met this one blooke who could be a real candidiate for a guru, he was totally without posturing, not dressed for the part, just sort of dressed in camoflage really, normalish looking trousers and shoes etc, unremakable haircut, he said the information which he was bequeathed by someone greater than he was dangerous stuff to share, and that he'd rather not cause a lot of chaos and destruction by releasing it on unawakened souls... he felt there was a war going on between the... oh anyway that's beside the point. just take it from me this guy has something that makes your hair stand on end, it's like he sees all the dark matter and dark energy surrounding us, he is clear and lucid enough to see the real thing, and it is quite a scary thing, but this man isn't without compassion.. he discussed how we learn from others and how our conciousness raises as we go through the process in the proper order of pity, sympathy, empathy, admiration then love.. he said it with such a feeling understanding of the frailty of the human condition it was like the hug you'd been longing for all through your childhood but never quite got, then finally getting it through another's thoughts... anyway when asked what we could do to change our conciousness he replied that we should do this thing: if you repeat the word 'gullible' very slowly, very loudly and resonantly, eventually it starts to sound exactly like 'i love you' and no matter how you try it sounds more and more like it. if you aren't hearing it yet, then you need to say it a bit more slowly.. really draw out the syllables, and fill the room with your voice.. but you really must try it. you see as you hear the words transform within you, it feels like you are crying out with your love for the whole universe and that love is requited by the most loving and embracing warm glow which floods through your body in the most intense way.the words by a strange co-incidence echo the ancient sanskrit phoenetics of 'eghulh al ellbhul' which means 'i reveal my inner self', which may be a mere chance connection but you never know. believe me i'm the most cynical of people, you'd never normally catch me doing such a thing, i was always the kid at the back of the yoga class sniggering when we had to do a bit of chanting, i can't help but see the cool goa-trance dreddlocked beachcomber going 'home' to his parents come christmas, i glance at the cieling whenever my airyfairy hippyfriend goes on about the latest sad new age fad draining her pockets, i really think one of the human race's worst failings is to be duped into believeing the stupidest of things, but this thing really works, just try it, you'll never know untill you do, and if you don't throw away your judgement for 2 mins and throw yourself wholeheartedly into it you'll never find out, and believe me, you'll be really missing out on something amazing. i would just love it if this could spread, like light from a candle... love for the universe just spreading like the glow of dawn as the whole world unites in their joyful chanting of the words... guuuu-uuulllll-iiiiiiiiiiii-bbbllllllle just try it, it will awaken you.but please remmber, i am only the messenger; the man who discovered this principal is yet to be discovered, but he walks in disguise amongst us... just keep your eyes open...but try this thing right now, don't think about excuses or put it off till you've forgotten, don't worry about what your neighbours or family or friends will say, this is far too important, just take a chance, it could change your life, take the risk and try it.. just say it...gullible... gullible... gullible.. guuullliiiibblllle.. guuuuuuuuuuuulllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbblllllllllllllllllllllllllllle... guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbllllllllllllllllllllllllllleee.....


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